Flowers for Algernon

Classic book redesign

Flowers for Algernon is an award-winning novel by Daniel Keyes. It is written from the perspective of a man named Charlie, who undergoes a procedure to “fix” his intellectual disability. The novel asks the reader to examine their biases towards people with disabilities, to consider whether they view them as normal people or as sick and needing to be “cured.”

This dust jacket was designed to highlight the contrast of these two views using Algernon, a mouse character who serves as a mirror of the protagonist.

This re-design brings a modern aesthetic to the old classic in hopes of attracting a new generation of readers to the book. I also re-designed the book interior, and adapted it into an e-book to be read digitally.

Client: Student project
Date: 2020
Skills: Art direction, photo manipulation, layout design, e-book creation

Moodboard & initial sketch explorations

Concept thumbnails

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